The Daily Struggle Season 2 Finale: Mid Atlantic Leather/Obama Inauguration

We have fixed the technical problems that were causing the delay.  The episode is back up!

The Finale Episode of Season 2!
The Mid-Atlantic Leather/Obama Inauguration Episode.

In this installment Hale & Clark explore the seedy underbelly of the Mid Atlantic leather fetish scene. Lots of SHOCKING footage.
They also share their experiences at Obama’s Inauguration. Lots more SHOCKING footage!

4 Responses to “The Daily Struggle Season 2 Finale: Mid Atlantic Leather/Obama Inauguration”

  1. Jonathan Kilgore Says:

    umm, ok. now you KNOW i got hard watching the MAL footage. and i just got to work. THANKS.

  2. Hey guys! Awesome coverage of MAL, good times of course. Hopefully we will see you again next year…

    (The ball-bustee)

  3. Larry, The Director of Publicity for MAL Says:

    Hey guys. I’m the big, bad “Director of Publicity.” Enjoyed your reporting on MAL. Particularly liked the tender moment between Hale and Charley.

    Hope to see you again next year. Just let me know you’re coming so I don’t have to do my big, bad Dom impression again.

  4. Larry it was our pleasure to cover an event like yours… Sorry for no prior warning. All that leather protocol is hard to learn!

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