The Daily Struggle Homo Hanukkah Spectacular!

Homo Hanukkah Spectacular

Shalom and Happy Hanukkah!  In this episode Clark & Hale celebrate the first night of the Festival of Lights at Mike P’s house.  He fried up some latkes and there was a rowdy game of dreydl.

We also reveal the winner of the TheDailyStruggle Facebook Fan Club Contest and we have an interview him/her (you’ll have to watch to find out which it is!)

9 Responses to “The Daily Struggle Homo Hanukkah Spectacular!”

  1. Awkward questions. I could see the awkwardness in the Jew’s nose.

  2. Is it bad that I look forward to seeing what the closing scene is each week?

  3. I find it interesting that I wasn’t even mentioned in the HH Spectacular–not even a word. It was like I wasn’t even there…

  4. halehalehale Says:

    Lisa, we knew you were there and would have loved to include you in this episode but you left before you signed the release form so our team of lawyers advised us against using footage that included you.

  5. As a fan of the “Struggle” and of Judaism (I am a Jewish Educator) I can let you both rest your weary gentile heads easy, for there is nothing required for you to be “culturally” jewish except a love of bagels and guilt. That being said, if you want to be real Jews, all you need is some classes and a bath…and a dream! Who won dreidel?

  6. Jon Ondrak Says:

    Funny stuff guys. I did have one thought as we move inexorably into Winter: Drunk-Drag Queen-Wheelchair-Racing, with an optional icy slope.

    You probably know the Drag Queens, I have an icy slope.

    Your thoughts?

  7. Jonathan Kilgore Says:

    btw, sister is SO much prettier.


  8. halehalehale Says:

    Jonathan, clearly you were not able to fully enjoy my soft features on this episode. We need to start filming in HD.

  9. mikesmith Says:

    Something you might not know about Hale is that is very tall. He loves to talk about his height achievement.

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