Season 2, Episode 5

Hale & Clark come at you LIVE from the 5th Annual Snowflake Ball

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4 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 5”

  1. You IDIOTS! You did not tell me there was a circuit party in Richmond! If you would have told me about this, you could have got half the crackers from DC to come down, along with the potential to raise extraordinary funds. Make sure you copyright that name “Snowflake Ball”, because I’m pretty sure (and I would know) the very gay circuit party promoters have not used that yet.

    My favourite (I emphasize by using British spellings) part of the circuit event was Hale being above the shower curtain rod during the party, but then below it when reporting out on the 5th Annual Snowflake Ball. Bravo (I also speak Italian for emphasis) to the daily struggle for seeding a new circuit event in my Old Dominion, the Great Commonwealth of Virginia.

  2. “It’s Vera Wang actually…” BEST LINE of the entire show…

    I have question Hale…how DO you shower? I mean, you’re like a foot above the shower head…

    Keep it comin’ boys…I ❤ The Daily Struggle!

  3. By far the best episode. I think you should fire that producer that said “the 6th.” She was obviously drinking. And way to go with the Pony. I ask “Have you seen Manchester Higgins?”

  4. HILARIOUS…this episode speaks volumes.

    It should be stated for the record that I too gave that man a blagojevich in exchange for the open senate seat, so I wish these people would stop congress blockin me.

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Kisses!

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