Colin for Equality!

I was happy to see my Nephew Colin this week during the Holiday weekend. I was even happier when I heard about a little encounter he had today at his school in Atlanta.

After hearing a classmate make fun of another boy for being “Gay”, Colin quickly retorted that in fact his Uncle was Gay and “there is nothing wrong with that.”

Turns out that the demagogues have lost again… They might have beaten us with successfully banning And Tango Makes Three, but the Gays have kids on their side!


For his part for the Cause Colin becomes the Daily Struggle’s first Kid for Equality!

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One Response to “Colin for Equality!”

  1. Yay Colin! Making his world-web debut on his first gay website. I mean, it better be his first!!

    This picture is fantastic and he is going to be so proud of it. Maybe he’ll run for Gay Student Council next.

    I’m such a proud mom. xoxo

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