Season 2, Episode 2!

As season 2 gets into swing Hale & Clark tackle such issues as Goodwill shopping, tranny street dancers, and a new Daily Struggle viewer contest.

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3 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 2!”

  1. I find your segments so enriching and inspiring. To all those that struggle weekly, monthly and yes, second, by second, this struggle is for you. Hats off to the Mid Atlantic, the City and all the Hot Tranny Messes out there!

  2. Robert Custer Says:

    I not only will travel behind you guys… I will also write the colorguard routine. I will have glitter, ribbons, sparkles, and hottness! As long as Josh marches along…Hehe. I dont know how i fould this site, but I have to tell you yall are too much. Love it!

  3. halehalehale Says:

    Robert, consider yourself hired.

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