Liberal Lefties Love Their Lattes: Starbucks Tips US Election!

Most of the time The Communists rail against corporate behemoths like Starbucks as the epitome of capitalist greed.   But yesterday Starbucks did something that brought a smile to faces of the unwashed proletariat:  FREE COFFEE FOR ANYONE WHO VOTED.   To get the free coffee all you had to do was wait in line for 2 hours to vote, then wait 2 more hours in line at Starbucks.   This bribery/massive redistribution of coffee was clearly aimed at the left-leaning citizenry because conservatives deride coffee as the drink of choice of the East Coast Urban Elite. 

Starbucks’ plan worked and Barack Obama was elected President.  However, their plan may backfire.  Since Obama is a Socialist his first initiative upon taking office in January will probably be to nationalize the coffee industry. 


2 Responses to “Liberal Lefties Love Their Lattes: Starbucks Tips US Election!”

  1. johnny Valenzuela Says:

    I prefer tea…

    what does that make me? lol

  2. I must have lucked out–there was no line at my neighborhood poll OR at the Starbucks that I hit up right after. Gotta love it!

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